Ugly chess pieces

Sketch #16

Sketch #16

Today’s theme is symmetry. I drew some chess pieces and tried to make them symmetrical. There’s also a random scribble on the right there. Also symmetrical. What you may notice is that the chess pieces are pretty butt ugly. That’s because I couldn’t find any chess pieces in my apartment and I didn’t want to use a photo. So I made some up, and the abstract models of chess pieces that I had in my head don’t quite stack up with the real thing. The castle and the rook aren’t that bad, but the bishop and the king just look weird.

Another thing you might notice in this sketch is the complete lack of paper grain. That’s because I decided to switch to digital tools for a change. This sketch was made using a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and DrPetter’s CherryBrush paint application, which seems pretty nice (using it for the first time now).

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